Monday, August 26, 2013


1999 was a lot of "more of the same".

I continued singing in Alfredo's.

I continued working at Total Training.

I continued making "Bear" appearances for Henson. This year, I spent a week in Brazil.

But there were some new developments:

I turned 36. (You probably saw that one coming.)

We got our cat Ambrose, who was officially The Greatest Cat In The World. Every good quality we recognize in any of our cats these days, we always think "Ambrose was like that..."

Laura got pregnant!

No theatre for me this year, but we did spend the final day of the year with Laura helping me make a life mask, upon which I could sculpt a nose for my upcoming Seaside Music Theater appearance...

And of those last two news items, I will say "Stay tuned, gentle reader..."

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