Saturday, August 24, 2013


The big news for 1997 was that we bought our first house. In the Indian Wells section of Kissimmee, it was located on the embarrassingly named Peace Pipe Drive. It was an older couple's winter home, and it came completely furnished. Our first act was to hold a garage sale, where we made $2000.

Same old same old at Disney. I believe there were more AT&T animations that Brian Maffitt and I did, too.

We flew to Puerto Rico to attend the wedding of Brian and Denise Davidson. I had introduced them to each other, as Denise had played Evita to my Che in 1992. A lovely occasion.

My mother's health continued to deteriorate. We made many trips to Clarksville. We arranged our days off so we could be off Friday through Monday, which gave us two consecutive days in Clarksville.

I don't believe I subbed for Gaston anymore this year, meaning that this was the first year in 23 that I wasn't in a theatrical production of any kind.

I turned 34. This is the age my father was when I was born.

Kind of hard not to see this as a stagnant period. Professionally at least, things would get better next year. But for now: That's 1997.

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