Monday, August 5, 2013


This is the year my paternal grandfather, Sander Fott, died. I was never particularly close to my father's parents. There was a language barrier; my grandmother made an effort to speak English, but my grandfather never got very far with it. But I remember them, my grandmother in particular, as kind, affectionate people.

In T. Webb's 9th grade class, we did a reader's theatre production of Under Milk Wood. I do not think Dylan Thomas would have approved of much of the interpretation. But it was typical of the sophisticated material T. Webb chose for us to work with. I believe I was one of the narrators.

In the summer, I was in the Hilldale Kiwanis Summer Theatre's production of Shenandoah. I played Henry Anderson. I had five lines. Good times.

So I turned 15, and entered 10th grade at Clarksville High School. T. Webb transferred from the Greenwood Annex to CHS as well, so he remained my speech and drama teacher. He built a very strong speech team, which participated in the National Forensic League tournaments. We did Under Milk Wood again, but I believe I was now just one of the inhabitants of Llareggub, and not a narrator. My main solo piece was Seascape. I do not believe Edward Albee would have approved of much of the interpretation. I was entered in the category of Humorous Interpretation. Nancy was my stock "woman" voice, Charlie was a weak, nebbishy character, Leslie was a Texas redneck, and Sarah was Carol Channing. Be that as it may, people liked it.

Definitely looking like I was going to be an actor.

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