Thursday, August 1, 2013


In 1974, I turned 11. I entered the 6th grade at Smith School, and was in Mrs. Flood's class. The chief thing I remember about 6th grade is that I wrote a stage adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, which we performed. I played the Cowardly Lion. My father helped me borrow a nice thick yarn lion's mane from the Austin Peay theatre department, I made myself a tail, and I helped Mrs. Flood cast the show. I remember getting good laughs with my Bert Lahr impersonation, saying "C-c-c-courage!"

I also remember working with a friend to make a papier-mâché Humpty Dumpty, from Through the Looking Glass. It turned out pretty well, as I remember.

I was quite a good student in elementary school. Pretty much straight As. Just thought I'd mention that.

I believe by 1974, I had joined the Puppeteers of America, and so was pretty serious about this puppetry thing.

Nixon resigned this year; I remember that well. I also remember three deaths happening: Bud Abbott, Frank Sutton, and Mama Cass. Frank Sutton was best known for playing Sgt. Carter on Gomer Pyle, and was a native Clarksvillian. I always found it interesting that he didn't sound remotely like he was from Clarksville. He was 50 when he died, the age I am about to be.

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