Friday, August 23, 2013


Hmmm...I'm wondering if I'm going to have a hard time distinguishing all the "Orlando Years" from one another. Luckily I can refer to old holiday newsletters.

The main news, of course, was that I was singing in Alfredo's. As I said before, a ridiculously easy job. But I did begin to do other things:

I subbed some as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast at Disney-MGM, four years later. Never say "never".

Although Brian was still in New York, we collaborated on a series of animations for AT&T. These featured a character, "Mr. Browser", that we created, and the spots appeared on a big Jumbotron-style AT&T sign in the middle of Times Square. I did a great deal of the animation on these.

Brian also created a VHS training series for After Effects called Total AE. I flew to Seattle and edited a great deal of the audio for the series.

I also was called up to New York by Henson to do background Muppets on a policy trailer for Sony/Loews movie theaters, which was great. There was also another workshop, this one with Jane Henson, but I'm not exactly sure if it was this year or not.

I turned 33.

My mother's health started to fail. Cancer.

That's 1996.

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