Sunday, September 15, 2013


I have a bunch of videotapes of old theatrical performances I've done. I've transferred most of them to DVD. But the existence of such recordings is problematic...There aren't really supposed to be recordings of theatrical productions, except (I believe) those made strictly for the theatre's own archival purposes. There are all sorts of problems with union rules and copyright restrictions.Yet for a while there, it seemed that every show I did was videotaped, and the cast was offered copies.

Then there's the problem of sharing them with others...because after all it's not just your performance you're sharing, it's everyone else's too. And it might have been a bad night for them, or they might just rather forget about the whole thing. So I've pretty much refrained from posting anything online.

I made an exception though with Forbidden Broadway, since there are lots of solo numbers in there, and I could post chunks of my own performance without anyone else's being included. that is.

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