Sunday, September 1, 2013


2005. This long and rambling story of my life is beginning to turn into the life that I recognize now.

Early in the year, I was flown up to NYC to attend an Adobe workshop, because I was reviewing Adobe's Creative Suite for PC Magazine. I also got to attend a Henson party at their new workshop, and I saw Avenue Q. Later this year I was named a contributing editor to PC Magazine.

I continued to write books with Deke McClelland.

We bought a house in Whites Creek, the house I'm currently sitting in as I write this. We got Cornelia our dog, still with us.

The big news was that I was working on Roberto the Insect Architect for the majority of this year. Laura's sister Linda helped enormously with the Photoshop work. Roberto was released this year, making that trip up to Vancouver seem like it had a point to it!

Burton turned 5. I turned 42.

I also got cast in 1776 this year at Tennessee Rep. My first show in 8 years. I missed a few early rehearsals though to attend my brother's wedding to Stacey in Las Vegas!

It was back to Guatemala yet again for the Coca-Cola Polar Bear for Henson. And I picked up a local video puppetry gig too, with the Live BIG video series.

Another incredibly busy year. And a great one.

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