Tuesday, September 3, 2013


2007: Lots more animation.

The Librarian From the Black Lagoon and Max's Words get finished and released. I begin work on I'm Dirty! and Do Unto Otters. Also, I do another PSA through Weston Woods for the Collaborative Summer Library Program, which Brian Hull animates.

I found Bigfott Studios; Max's Words is the first film in which that name appears in the credits. Laura starts to serve as Production Manager.

I'm still writing for PC Magazine. I get flown up to NYC again to attend an Adobe conference. While there, I see the revival of Company and Spring Awakening.

I travel to the wonderful Platform Animation Festival in Portland, Oregon. Librarian is screened at the festival.

Burton turns 7 and enters first grade.

I turn 44.

Our cat Camilla dies. We get a kitten, and Burton names her Dash.

We shoot a third season of the DVD series Live BIG. Bongo the Parrot squawks again!

Life is good, you know? Laura really likes Nashville. She makes jewelry. Burton's doing great; he's very tall, and happy. I'm very busy.

Life is good. 2007.

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