Thursday, May 31, 2012

Henry 6.2

Last night we watched Henry VI pt 2 from the BBC Shakespeare series. It was certainly all of a piece stylistically with Henry VI pt 1, and I suppose with the two following plays. The "Nicholas Nickleby" effect is in full force, where prominent actors in one scene show up as mere faces among the crowd in the next. Although many actors did appear in multiple roles throughout the series, one wishes that more of an ensemble approach had been taken in casting the entire project.

Of special note to me was David Pugh in the relatively small role of Peter Thump. Usually when an actor plays a dim-witted character, there remains some small remnant of the actor's persona, just to remind us that he's not actually that slow and simple. Not so with Pugh; he disappeared completely and opaquely in his role, and was a delight every moment he was onscreen.

But what a gruesome play! So many heads rolling about the stage. And Saye's and his son-in-law's fate -- having their severed heads mounted on tall spikes and made to "kiss" -- was a reminder to me that puppetry is, indeed, everywhere.

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