Friday, July 29, 2022


Theatre continued to play an important part in my life in 2016. I appeared in the Studio Tenn production of Evita which was staged in Jackson Hall at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, enabling me to achieve the trifecta of appearing on all three TPAC stages. I also appeared in Smoke: A Ballad of the Night Riders again this year, this time in the dual roles of the Storyteller and Dr. Amoss. A much better fit for me, really.

Nashville Public Library held the Nashville International Puppet Festival, and I was involved in two presentations there. Utilizing original puppets created by Tom Tichenor, I performed a 10-minute scene from the musical Carnival along with Rosemary Fossee. I also created animated projections for Brian Hull's epic puppet production of Kaytek the Wizard. Both were very well received, as was the entire wonderful festival.

I recorded the "cast album" for Junie B. Jones: The Musical, singing the roles of Lenny and Chenille.

My Weston Woods film Grace for President premiered this year.

We had a 25th anniversary reunion for the Beauty and the Beast stage show at Disney World, so the whole Fott family went down for a November vacation.

And, here's a weird thing: I was randomly mentioned in the "Five Hoda Kotbs" episode of The Last Man on Earth. I'm actually glad I wasn't watching at the time, because I'm sure I would have been convinced I was hallucinating! Of course, Danny Bonaduce has appeared on The Today Show, so the IMDb link from Bonaduce to Katie Couric is actually much shorter....but I'm happy to be a link in that chain!

That's 2016.

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