Monday, July 22, 2013


I'm afraid my personal memories of 1964 are no more concrete than those of 1963. So let's look at three things that happened that would interest me in the future:

Hello, Dolly! opened on January 16th. This is very far from my favorite musical, but it's one I've been in three times, and one I've even helped parody in Forbidden Broadway. It swept the Tony Awards that year. I would have voted for She Loves Me instead, but nobody thought to ask.

On February 9th, the Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. I was around for all but the very beginning of the Beatles' lifespan as a group, although I can't say I was very much aware of them for most of it.

Disney's Mary Poppins movie premiered on August 27th. I have very vague memories of seeing Mary Poppins in a movie theater, but apparently it was re-released in 1966, so it must have been then. I hope my mother didn't take me, as a one-year-old, into the theater. If so, my deepest apologies to all attending. My crying was in no way a response to the film. Except, maybe, for Dick Van Dyke's Cockney accent. Yeah, that probably did it.

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