Monday, September 2, 2013


2006: A year full of animation work, and travel.

In February, I began work on The Librarian From the Black Lagoon. A very different film from Roberto, this one needed hand-drawn animation. So I had to figure out how to do that! It required drawing (no pun intended) on the talents of many friends and colleagues, scattered about over the continent. Huge portions of the film were animated by Micah Baker and Brian Hull. Work continued on the film almost throughout all of 2006.

Through the great folks at Magnetic Dreams, I did a segment for the Sesame Street Christmas Carol DVD. Scotty Shoemaker created the art for this.

Through the great folks at Weston Woods, Jerry and I wrote and co-directed a PSA for the Collaborative Summer Library Program, featuring Paul Giamatti. And in August, we began work on another Weston Woods film, Max's Words.

Roberto started appearing in film festivals, and I went to several. It was in the Nashville Film Festival, but that wasn't hard. I also went to festivals in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

In the puppetry world, we shot another season of Live BIG.

I continued to write for PC Magazine.

Burton turned 6. I turned 43. Life was good!


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