Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Christopher Robin Milne

A few months ago, I discovered this old CNN Headline News story on a VHS tape, digitized it, and posted it on YouTube:

It provides what I believe to be the only video of Christopher Robin Milne to be found anywhere on the Internet.

Milne is generally regarded as a curmudgeonly fellow, not at all happy about being the living embodiment of a famous children's book character. This image was of course spawned from his own book, The Enchanted Places. And yet...almost miraculously in the only 10 seconds of video we have of him, after he says the word "victory" in this clip, does he not seem to take a short pause as if almost overcome by emotion, before continuing? His mere presence bespeaks a personal concern in what happens to Ashdown Forest, but to my eye, this little clip reveals his true emotional investment in the circumstances of his childhood.

At any rate, I'm awfully glad things turned out well for the forest, as we spent a delightful day there in 2010, playing Poohsticks and exploring. Beautiful country.

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